The ClicksRally Scam Scheme Exposed!

For the very first time – ClicksRally scam scheme exposed! 

Meet the companies and people who run not only the infamous ClicksRally scam system, but also other make money online scam groups, such as the Ads & Beyond scam, Adz Beyond scam, Bank of Ads scam, Ads Banc scam, AdsFlow Marketing scam, Kick Ads Media scam, Blue Lable scam, Clicks Booth scam, Banner Field scam, and Banner Market scam.

They were also the owners of the FXP Markets (FXPM) forex trading scam.

ClicksRally Scam Scheme Exposed

2 Replies to “The ClicksRally Scam Scheme Exposed!”

  1. Ads & Beyond is definitely a scam. A friend has lost $ 20 000 through their campaigns. They refuse to pay her out.

  2. Ads-Beyond scammed me out of $20 000. The person I worked with at the “company” was a guy who called himself John Lloyd, but I doubt that is his real name. They are aggressive on the phone, and push you to urgently invest. Their system of “pay per click” advertising campaigns looks real to the uninitiated eye. My money on various campaigns such as iPhone, Pfizer and Zoom eventually was supposed to have amounted to $75 000. I cannot even get an answer from John Lloyd or his supposed boss Daniel Finn. They call from many different numbers and are able to make it look like they are calling from Australia or Canada or even your own country. Please beware, do NOT invest with them.

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