BannerField Scam – Read Our Review Before Investing!

April 3, 2020 – BannerField Scam Owners EXPOSED! (Check below)

When browsing the Internet, you can find a lot of money-making opportunities that are available today. However, not all of these opportunities can bring benefits to users. Therefore, it is very important to watch out any scams before investing your money. One of the newest Make Money Online (MMO) scam systems is the BannerField. Although it has a professional website that looks like a promising platform, you have to be careful with it. Why? Keep on reading this article to find out more details about BannerField scam and why is it so dangerous.

BannerField scam - your money is not safe!

What Is BannerField?

BannerField is a new online marketing platform that claims to provide the best money-making opportunity on the Internet. Its customers can earn significant income by promoting any banners that are provided by this company. According to its official website, you can get access to hundreds of offers from many different advertisers on the Internet. You can also learn more about the minimum value, placement period, and also the commission given by the advertisers.

How To Know That BannerField Is A Scam?

No Clear Information About The Company

When you visit, you cannot find any clear information about the company. Moreover, you can’t even find out what’s the company’s name. The only details you can find are their physical address and email address which are placed on the contact page. As there is also no phone number listed on the website, the only way to reach the company is by sending them an email.

Hidden Fees

Although you cannot find any clear information about the fees (surprisingly, right?), you should be careful with the BannerField. When you look at the Terms and Conditions page, you will find out that there are some account management fees when using this platform. These fees may vary from one user to another user. The company also has the right to update the management fees at any time they want. This fact leaves us with some suspicious signs. All users are unable to get clear information about any fees that they would have to pay in the future.

No Information About The Advertising Campaign

This is another red sign that you need to know about this platform. Its website doesn’t state any clear information about the advertising campaigns that should be done by its users. It just tells that the users’ personal managers will assist in everything they’ll need. This secrecy can raise a lot of questions among all users who are interested in using this platform.


As stated at the beginning, although BannerField platform looks promising and interesting, you have to be careful with using it. After reading this BannerField review, you can understand why you may consider avoiding this type of money-making online (MMO) system. It is definitely a scam platform that is specially designed to steal your money. There is no money-back guarantee available on this platform. Therefore, you have to stay far away from investing your money in this type of platform. Once you invest your money on this platform, your money will be gone forever.

BannerField Scam – Cut The Crap

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Got Scammed? How To Get Your Money Back?

We know the frustration you feel after being scammed. At a certain point, you feel lost, and you have no idea what to do next. It’s a traumatic experience. What you’re feeling is valid and understandable. However, you don’t have to dwell in that dark place for a long time.

All hope is not lost as there are various ways to get your stolen money back. Yes, you read that right. If you have been scammed, you can apply these tips to increase your chances to retrieve your money from those shameless scammers.

If you paid using a credit card, you can use chargeback to request a refund from your bank card provider. In addition, you can also use chargeback if you paid using a debit card. A word of caution, though, there are requirements before this applies, so know them first.

You can also file a complaint about the PSP (Payment service provider) and a demand for reimbursement. If you’ve been scammed and the banks involved are not doing what they are supposed to do, you should be refunded after the fraud happens.

But if nothing still works at your advantage, and you need further assistance, you can contact us through our email, [email protected]. We will help you in any way we can. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

14 Replies to “BannerField Scam – Read Our Review Before Investing!”

    1. Vorrei mettere la mia esperienza a disposizione degli altri per farsi che nessuno caschi in questa trappola. Sono convincenti ma non ci cascate! Vi fregheranno tutti i soldi!!!
      Per favore state lontani da BANNERFIELD!!!

      1. È tutto virtuale. Non è vero che investono nel marketing. Appena effettuate un prelievo, i soldi se li intascano loro. Il conto è virtuale come pure i guadagni. È solo un pretesto per ingannarvi e truffarvi. Complimenti a Scaminator per la recensione! È TUTTO VERO! Bannerfield è una truffa colossale!!! Sono dei ladri truffatori che con il raggiro vi fregano i soldi!
        Se siete stati truffati anche voi denunciateli alla Polizia e pubblicate anche voi recensioni negative in maniera che tutti possano sapere che razza di gente è!
        Dobbiamo mettere in guardia tutti da questi disonesti!!!

  1. Non investite i vostri soldi su BANNERFIELD!!!! È una truffa ben organizzata!
    Sono abilissimi a raggirarvi con le parole. Mi hanno assegnato un consulente che diceva di chiamarsi Alessio. Con i suoi modi gentili mi ha invitato a versare i miei soldi sul conto e ad aprire delle campagne pubblicitarie. Le prime campagne aperte hanno avuto un esito ottimo. Sembrava si potesse guadagnare discretamente, ma il problema è sorto quando ho cercato di fare richiesta di prelievo: hanno sempre inventato scuse per non restituirmi non solo il guadagno ma anche i miei soldi. Se investite in questa società i vostri soldi saranno persi per sempre…..state alla larga!!

  2. Che schifo!!!
    Ma come è possibile che esistano organizzazioni del genere che hanno l’unico scopo di fottere i soldi della povera gente?!?
    Fateli chiudere!

  3. Io mi sono iscritto qualche giorno fa su BANNERFIELD, non ho versato un ero, sono stati loro ad accreditarmi 50 dollari per farmi iniziare a fare campagne publicitarie, e se mi mi avessero chiesto soldi, non avrei versato un euro, ho avviato avviato una campagna publiciataria insieme a loro spiegandomi tutto tramite telefono, mi hanno chiamato da un numero con il prefisso di Milano, neanche io mi fido, so benissimo come funzuona questo mondo, vediamo quando sono arrivato alla soglia minima di guadagno cosa succede quando andro a richiedere il mio guadagno… vi aggiorno

    1. Akoin a chi lo dici. Io sono incazzato nero. Sono dei grandissimi pezzi di merda!

      La devono pagare! A capo di tutti ci sta Alessio il consulente grandissimo truffatore pezzo di merda!

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