3HourJob Review – More than Just a Work-At-Home Scam

With what many people are now calling the “new normal,” especially in the unusual Coronavirus era, the search for work from home jobs is at an all-time high. Millions (if not billions) of people worldwide are looking for new and hopefully legit ways to make money without having to leave their homes (i.e., online), and there seems to be no shortage of offers. Unfortunately, a lot of these “opportunities” are not on the up and up. One of those controversial make-money-online opportunities is 3hourjob.com, and in this 3HourJob review, we’ll take a look at this system and try to determine whether it’s legit or possibly a scam.

So, what is 3HourJob?  

We wouldn’t be surprised if some of you have already typed “3HourJob.com” on Google to take the first glace at this so-called work-from-home system. Unfortunately, and probably just like us when we tried to visit their site, you’ve been redirected to different pages, depending on your location. What all these redirect pages have in common is that they offer opportunities to earn a lot of money in just a short time with very little effort. How come there’s no official site? Does it sound legit to you? We doubt it.       

When we started our research for this 3HourJob review, the redirect URL we got was https://yourmanifestationcode.com/manifestation-code-vsl-fe/?hop=nexusoffer#sourceip#, AKA “Prosperity Message from Jake.” So, let’s see what it’s all about and examine a few warning signs you must take into consideration before trying this system.  

It sounds too good to be true

The premise behind this make-money-online system is quite simple: click on the access link to find out how you can make a ton of money for very little work. It seems like an answer to common people’s prayer, right? 

Here’s a screenshot with the precise claim of this redirect:

3HourJob Review – More than a Work-At-Home Scam

 However, that’s exactly the thing with get-rich-quick scams. They all sound too good to be true, and they indeed are. Do you really believe all your financial troubles will be gone and eliminated on the very same day you discover a new MMO system you’ve never heard of before? How can any legit website make this bold claim? If a certain site tells you without equivocation that you can “eliminate all your money worries” starting today, or any other guarantee of big bucks for very little work, that’s simply a big red flag.  

The website provides very little information

A good and common way to check the legitimacy of any serious business is through the ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ pages on its official website. This way, you can confirm if the address and telephone numbers actually exist, in case you need to reach the business/company for whatever reason. 

A legitimate business will provide this information readily. This site (if you can even call it a site, it’s more like a ‘landing page’), however, provides no information about this anonymous “Jake,” except for an email address you can find in the small and well-hidden “Support” link at the bottom of the page. Other than that – nothing.  

It requires some type of payment

Anyone who’s looking for a work from home opportunity knows this as a cardinal rule: if someone asks you to pay something to get access to a certain site or platform, without providing clear and well-explained information about the product or service you’re about to pay for, then it’s probably a scam.

Only after researching online and reading real user reviews, we’ve found out that this so-called amazing MMO opportunity is simply a data entry job offer. Can you believe it?!? Do you really think you can make a lot of money as they claim by doing some data entry tasks? Not only is this absurd, but according to our research, this shady business/company also keeps your information to use for whatever they want (yes, you read it right, they can sell your information to whoever they wish to), and they also won’t send you any money after completing these tasks. Is there any red flag bigger than this? You know the answer. 

Legitimate websites offering work at home or office-based jobs will not require any payment from the jobseeker. In most cases, they get a fee from the job poster or retain a percentage of the payment for a completed job. The point is, legitimate job posting sites will only make money if they can successfully field paying jobs to the job seeker.

Just take a look at the below screenshot taken from the 3HourJob redirect site:

The 3HourJob Manifestation Code

In this particular case, however, the page shown is not a part of a job-offering site at all, despite being a redirect from 3HourJob.com, which is a work-at-home job site.      


The site is touting a system for tapping into neural oscillations using “magical” audio tracks in order to escape the “mind prison” that keeps people from achieving financial and life success. The fee is to get access to the system.   

On the face of it, it sounds like a sleeky scam. If you listen to the video from “Jake,” he states that the reason he is “sharing” the system is that if he doesn’t, the Universe punishes him. When he shares it with friends and family, the Universe rewards him. Have you heard anything more ridiculous than that lately?  

If that’s the case, why is this anonymous “Jake” charging for access? Wouldn’t he be getting bigger rewards if he just gave it away so more people can enjoy it?  

A little taste of the reviews posted about 3HourJob

“Beware of 3hourjob.com. It is a get rich quick scheme that claims it has a job opening for a Data Entry position. They have called me multiple times and leave the same message. Website seems very unorganized and fraudulent.” – posted by The-Big-Deisel on Reddit.com 

“I received a call from whoever they are I was at work so I did not answer that afternoon I had a VM it was a man saying they’d trying to get in with me for a work at home data entry that I had applied for then said go to the website of 3hourjob (.com) sorry I didn’t want it to highlight the address. So I knew it was a scam because I’d never applied online for a data entry job with anyone be smart before you Click on a to good to be true websites and listen closely have it repeated if need be safe searching my friend.” – posted by Pam Friar on Quora.com  

“Yes this is scam website. They can not pay money to their users. Yes, they credit some money in your wallet but if you want to withdraw your money then they can not allow this.” – Posted by Shilpa Patial on Quora.com

Conclusion – Is 3HourJob a Legit MMO System or Scam?        

It appears that the 3HourJob.com scam is evolving into other aspects of a massive make-money-online scam system. It is not just a fake “work from home” program you need to look out for anymore. This seemingly inspirational redirect-site can just as quickly draw you in for the purpose of getting your money and personal information, which means you can lose much more than just a few bucks. Take our advice – look for some inspiration elsewhere.      

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