ProdStop Review – A Legit E-Store or Scam?

The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly. According to statistics, the total estimated value of retail e-commerce sales is expected to reach $4.13T by the end of 2020, and over $4.88 trillion in 2021. The competition is fierce in almost every niche, forcing online store owners to come up with either unique e-stores concepts or huge discounts and special offers.

One of those online stores with a so-called unique concept is, which became quite popular lately, and in this ProdStop review, we’ll get to the bottom of it, see how it works, and determine whether is it’s legit e-store or possibly a scam.

What is

ProdStop is an Amazon Associate online store that offers a wide range of products such as Jewelry, Furniture, Toys, Bags, Home Goods, and more, with huge discounts. How big are those discounts, you’re probably asking by now? Well, so massive that some of the products cost as little as zero dollars (yes, $0), or close to that. The customer only has to pay $9.99 for shipping (flat-rate), and that’s about it. Sounds fantastic, right? Well, don’t rush into buying anything just yet.

The complete ProdStop review

Is ProdStop a Legit E-Store or Scam?

So, let’s continue with our ProdStop review and discuss a few things that made us ponder on the legitimacy of this online store.

First of all, doesn’t it sound a bit too strange that a particular product, even in used condition, costs zero dollars? Nothing? How can it be? It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever that a Nintendo 3DS gaming console, for example, even if not brand new, would cost $0 or close to that.

And what about the shipping costs? On the website, it says clearly that “all products are shipped for $9.99 flat rate”, but according to our research, there are multiple products (including expensive ones which there’s no way on earth that can be sold for basically nothing) with a shipping price of up to $45! Suddenly, out of nowhere, the rate goes up from less than $10 to $45?

Next, we found out that there’s no information about the company’s owner (or owners). How can it be that something so basic isn’t transparent and open to the public? What are they hiding from? 

We also found out that the website’s domain name is totally new and was registered in February 2020, just two months ago! The shadiness continues…

Is ProdStop a scam online store?

Questionable Payment Options and Refund Policy

When we continued our research to the payment options and refund policy, our scam suspicions got even worst.

First, there are only two payment methods available on ProdStop – Diners Club and JCB (Japan Credit Bureau). How can it be that a legit e-commerce store accepts only two, and not even that standard, payment options? Also, what about PayPal? It’s quite rare to find any so-called legit online business that doesn’t accept PayPal these days. Are we in 2020 or 2000?

ProdStop - an Amazon Associate store

Next, we have ProdStop’s return policy. First, there’s very little information about it on the website’s ‘Shipping & Returns’ page. We would expect that such an important page would be much more detailed, at least in a so-called legit e-commerce store, but that’s not the case here.

ProdStop has a 5-day only return policy, which from our experience is too short. The site says it’s As an Amazon Associate. So, here’s an example of what we’ve found on Amazon’s website – “In most cases, used or open box items purchased from Amazon Warehouse and shipped from can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment.” Now, we can agree that 30 days might be a bit too much, but only five days??

Also, it doesn’t say anything on the page regarding the product’s condition. On which terms can or can’t you return a certain product? For example, let’s say you got a toy for your kid, which was already broken when delivered. So, what’s their policy about that? Well, we don’t really know because it’s all so vague and unclear. Of course, in case you decide to return a product, the shipping costs are not covered by ProdStop.

So you’re probably wondering by now who can you contact them for that matter (or any other). Well, the only way to contact ProdStop is via e-mail only (a single e-mail for all support queries), meaning it can lasts days until anyone, if any, addresses your issue. According to its website, ProdStop’s phone support is currently “SUSPENDED DUE TO SHUTDOWNS.,” since their support is located in New York. While researching their website and other resources online, we couldn’t find any hint for an address in New York or any other address at all, and that’s in addition to the fact that the owner is also unknown. When you connect all the dots together, this whole thing sounds a bit too vague and shady.

To Conclude

Let me ask you this – can you really trust a new website (just two months old), with an unknown owner, who sells products so cheaply that makes you wonder how good are actually those products and will they even be delivered? Not to mention the store’s poor customer support, the very few payment options, and the multiple negative reviews about it online. For us, the answer is clear – we would think twice before even buying a supposedly $0 product from ProdStop, and would advise you to be very careful as well.

Got Scammed? How To Get Your Money Back?

We know the frustration you feel after being scammed. At a certain point, you feel lost, and you have no idea what to do next. It’s a traumatic experience. What you’re feeling is valid and understandable. However, you don’t have to dwell in that dark place for a long time.

All hope is not lost as there are various ways to get your stolen money back. Yes, you read that right. If you have been scammed, you can apply these tips to increase your chances to retrieve your money from those shameless scammers.

If you paid using a credit card, you can use chargeback to request a refund from your bank card provider. In addition, you can also use chargeback if you paid using a debit card. A word of caution, though, there are requirements before this applies, so know them first.

You can also file a complaint about the PSP (Payment service provider) and a demand for reimbursement. If you’ve been scammed and the banks involved are not doing what they are supposed to do, you should be refunded after the fraud happens.

But if nothing still works at your advantage, and you need further assistance, you can contact us through our email, [email protected]. We will help you in any way we can. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

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