Moweni Review – 8 Red Flags Exposed

There are so many online retail stores these days, offering basically every product under the sun, that it’s quite difficult to choose which one to shop on. Added to that, not all such stores are safe to buy from since some of them aren’t trustworthy, and unfortunately, some even proven to be online scams. In this review, we’ll take a look at a new online store called, and try to assess whether they are a legit, reliable store, or possibly a scam. So, without further ado, let’s start our Moweni review.        

What is Moweni?

Moweni is an online retail store that sells Singer brand sewing machines. This e-commerce store offers a wide range of Singer’s products, including computerized sewing machines, heavy-duty, mechanical, and serger machines.

The main reason why many customers are attracted to this website is that the sewing machines offered on it are incredibly underpriced.  

Moweni claims to ship its goods to all countries across the world and supports multiple payment options, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, and PayPal.

Moweni review - the red flags exposed

Is Moweni a Trustworthy Store?

 So far so good, but is Moweni indeed a legit, trustworthy e-store? Unfortunately, while researching for this Moweni review, we found too many red flags that might indicate that this is not a trusted company. Let’s take a look at what we found.

New Domain Already Has Bad Reviews

Moweni is, in fact, a new website. Its domain name was registered on 2020-04-07, which is a little less than two months ago, and yet this e-store already has several bad reviews. You can check them out for yourself on Reddit. If you don’t have enough time to browse through the entire Reddit thread, here’s just a little glimpse of what users had to say about this sewing machines online store:

“Site was created April 7, 2020.

Selling products at an amazingly low price.

Nonsensical domain name.

No contact information beyond an email.

“This site cooperates with Paypal.”

“Each customer can only buy one product”

Return policy quote : “If the customer is too dense, frequent or repeated return, the mall will prohibit the account from purchasing the right to purchase the goods as appropriate.” How many red flags are needed before one moves on from this amazingly shady website? Any money sent to them will be lost.” – Posted by DPMx9

“Yes it’s a scam. They don’t send a product. Then the cardholders bank files a chargeback and the customer gets their money back. The “merchant” makes money from interest while they have the funds. Create a new website a few months later, rinse and repeat. Pretty good scam on their part because the customers get their money back and they make money.” – Posted by Dabeano15o   

Prices Are Too Low to Be True

Moweni is supposedly a low-cost store, but the prices of the Singer sewing machines listed on its website are too low to be true.

For example, the Quantum Stylist 9960 sewing machine costs an average of $350 on most regular sites, but this store is selling it for a price of just $99. If Moweni sells such expensive products so cheaply, it’s hard to believe it will stay in business for long. It just doesn’t make any sense. How can it sell these machines is such extremely-low prices? Where’s the catch?

Moweni - Singer brand sewing machines store

Copied Content from Other Scam Websites

Another issue that raises concerns about Moweni is that its website content is almost identical to content found on a few other websites that have proved to be scams.

For example, the About Us page on has the same content as the following websites:

In fact, Vozmoce and Moweni have exactly the same layout – right down to the claim that they cooperate with PayPal!  

This leads us to believe that all these online stores are owned by the same scammers that are out to get people’s money by seducing them to make purchases (extremely-low prices, remember?) and then shutting down their websites once they have scammed enough people. For example, is already offline.

Poor Content

The content on Moweni’s website is of the poorest quality. While browsing their site, we found some basic grammar and spelling mistakes that show the sloppy way in which this online store has been put together. How can a so-called serious business present itself this way?

Shady Sentences on Website

There are some very questionable texts on this retailer’s website. For example, they state that they cooperate with PayPal, and every customer can only buy one product (strange, no?).

If Moweni were legitimate retailers, they would disclose their contract or agreement with PayPal, especially considering the fact that it’s such a popular and reliable payment provider. What do they have to hide?  

And why should any customer only be allowed to buy only one product? A real retailer would want their customers to buy as many products as possible.

Free Email Provider for Contacts

Legitimate businesses usually use their own custom email IDs. This gives customers more clarity about whom they are getting in touch with, and it also helps build trust.     

Moweni, on the other hand, uses a free external email provider. Their email ID is [email protected]. The question we raise here is, why would a serious online business use such an email service?   

Limited Contact Options

The only way that you can get in touch with Moweni is via email, which is another point against this online store. Most online retailers ensure that their customers have as many ways as possible to get in touch with them. They have a dedicated phone number, email, and even chat support (in some cases also Skype) to ensure that all issues are resolved as soon as possible. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with Moweni.

Change in Products Offered

Perhaps the biggest warning sign that strongly indicates that Moweni might be another online scam is that it first launched itself as a toy store and then suddenly – literally overnight – it turned into a sewing machine store. What made the sudden change? How can any serious and reliable business make such a drastic change so quickly and out of nowhere? And what about the customers who purchased products on the toys store just to find out shortly after that it no longer exists?

Conclusion – Is Moweni a Scam?

Everything that we have investigated and summarized in this Moweni review indicates that this online retail store is not trustworthy, and some might even say it’s a scam. Despite that, let us be clear – we can’t determine whether Monweni is, in fact, on an online scam. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to carefully examine the provided-above information and decide for yourself.

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