Hyperfavor Review – More Than Just Graphic Clothing?

These days, it’s quite easy to come across another new trendy online retail store, mostly because of how much the internet affects our lives. Although there are definitely some good things that come out of these online retail stores, unfortunately, some bad things may also happen, especially when it comes to ordering goods online instead of buying them in a physical store. There are many scams on the internet that everyone should be aware of and careful not to fall to, especially since too many people trust the internet too easily. Unsurprisingly, some of these scams also exist in the e-commerce industry. But what about Hyperfavor.com?     

So, if you want to know whether or not you should trust Hyperfavor, keep reading this Hyperfavor review to find out more about this graphic clothing & accessories online store.

So, what is Hyperfavor?

Before we talk about what makes this online retail store seem like a possible scam, let’s talk about what kind of store this is first. Hyperfavor defines itself as a “Unique Graphic Clothing & Accessories” store, packed with colorful fashion items in many different categories, such as animal, religion, family, fiction, job, culture, hobbies, and a few more. Quite recently, they have also started selling COVID19 (Coronavirus) items in their e-commerce store. According to their website, the shipping time takes about 7 to 20 days, depending on where you are. There is also a 6 to 7-days extension in order to process your order, which is quite long (at least in our opinion).

Hyperfavor review - a legit online store or scam?

How can I know Hyperfavor is a scam?

In this part of our Hyperfavor review, we’re going to discuss what exactly makes Hyperfavor seem so sketchy. So, here’s a list of a few red flags concerning Hyperfavor.com.

Whois Information is Hidden

Whois is a highly useful website where you can find information about a particular site or domain. While researching Hyperfavor on Whois and another similar website, some of the information we found about this online store made it look quite suspicious. For example:

  • The domain name is very recent (less than six months).
  • The owner of the domain name (which is often identical to the owner of the site) is hidden. Why would the owner/s of a legit website want to hide their identity?
  • The domain name is linked to a few countries known for being used by fraudulent websites.

Too Many Bad Reviews    

Even though this online retail store opened a bit more than two months ago, on March 9, 2020 (yes, you read it right, Hyperfavor is brand new), there are already some bad reviews about it online. Here’s just a little taste of what their unsatisfied customers had to say:        

“Be careful ordering from Hyperfavor! My wife ordered from them and she didn’t get the whole order even though we were charged for the whole order. We tried contacting them with multiple emails and phone calls. We received no replies to our emails and no one answers their phone!!!” – Posted by Richard on Scamdoc.com

I placed order and they charged me right away.

Was given tracking numbers for DHL and USPS but both say they haven’t received the package for shipment. Customer Service number just rings and rings.

No response to email inquiries. I’m worried this site is a scam. BEWARE!” – Posted by Eric S. on Scamdoc.com

Just opened and already getting complaints? You get the point…

Hypermask - Hyperfavor COVID-19 masks

No Information About the Company

Here’s another shady discovery – The cellphone number that Hyperfavor provides on its website is fake, and nobody really answers. In fact, besides what’s on the site itself, it’s quite hard to find any other information about the company that owns and runs Hyperfavor. We also couldn’t find any information about the company on their official social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram), and apparently, Hyperfavor’s Twitter account is currently suspended for some reason (“Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter Rules”).

Again, what exactly do they have to hide? How come this information isn’t transparent and open to all?

Conclusion – Is Hyperfavor a Legit Online Store?

In this Hyperfavor review, we took a close look at the red signs that made us suspect that this online retail store might not be legit or very trustworthy. Note that we cannot, and we have no intention to determine whether or not Hyperavor is, in fact, a scam. Truth be told – this graphic clothing and accessories store is quite new, and there’s still not enough information about it online, as well as enough buyer reviews. Overall, it’s up to you to examine the provided-above information and decide for yourself whether or not it is safe enough to buy from an online store who’s not been around for a long time, and its reputation is still a bit questionable. Shop smartly!    

8 Replies to “Hyperfavor Review – More Than Just Graphic Clothing?”

  1. I placed an order with Hyperfavor for masks that hasn’t arrived. I contacted them and they asked for patience that it was on the way and I should keep checking the DHL tracking number. Hopefully my masks will arrive and I won’t have lost $50.

  2. Definitely, what a magnificent blog and informative posts, I definitely will bookmark your website.All the Best!

  3. I placed my order on June 24th and I haven’t received my order yet. I emailed the company and they have not responded.

    1. My order for a mask and T-shirt was placed on July 16. My money was snatched lightening fast but my order has yet to surface. Messaged them on messenger and got a reply that it was being processed. Tried again, now an entire month later and no reply in sight. This definitely seems like a whole scam.

  4. DON’T ORDER FROM THEM!! They sent me the wrong mask and won’t send me the one I ordered unless I pay for it again at 20% off.

  5. I placed an order of 3 masks on July 10th. I have tried contacting them and their response was to have patience and that my order is being processed. Reading all these reviews I can see this company will never comply by sending my masks and I will never receive my masks.

  6. I have ordered from them and I did receive my complete order. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones! But I am satisfied with my product.

  7. I have ordered from them several times, and while it takes up to 3+ weeks to get the masks, I have always received what I have ordered. It looks like they are shipped from New York, or at least that is what the package says. I live in the Northeast, so one would think they would come fairly quickly. I assume they are made out of country, shipped to NY and to the customer from there. Love the masks though!

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