FocusMoney Top Review – Another E-Store Scam!

Do you like sport? Do you feel better in a clean house? Or do you maybe have a pet that you want to make happy? Well, if your answer was positive for one or more questions then FocusMoney Top online store might be a shop exactly for your needs! It claims to offer many items to purchase, from pet products to home cleaning machines. However, before you make any purchase, you must first read this FocusMoney Top review.

You may probably came across several discount shopping sites sometime in your life. This kind of online stores is, of course, very attractive to buy in. And, after making the purchase, you would be pleased to get exactly the product you ordered. But, what if you get a very low quality product that is far away from what you thought you will get? What if you’ll not receive it at all? Well, meet FocusMoney Top scam.

In this FocusMoney Top review, we will walk through the red signs that proves it is a scam. So, let’s begin our little interesting journey.

What Is FocusMoney Top?

FocusMoney Top is an online retail store. As already stated, this store offers a wide variety products at discounted prices. For example, dumbbell set with rack for $99 instead of $199, dog kennel for $79 instead of $90, power lift recliner chair for $77 instead of $90 and many other products.

FocusMoney Top store has became very popular in a short time. This is because its operators decided to offer a wide variety of products from different categories. They chose the products after checking what is most trendy now to buy. And not only this, they also offer these products for cheap prices. More cheaper than market prices.

In addition, this online retail store promises to make fast delivery to its consumers. As a result of all these above-mentioned techniques, the store became very attractive as well.

FocusMoney Top Review - Another E-Store Scam!

Will FocusMoney Top Scam Me?

During our FocusMoney Top review, we found out some warning signs that could show that this online retail store is definitely a scam. The following warning signs may be relevant to other similar scams as well, so read them carefully.

Unknown Domain Owner Details

Checking online service, led us to nowhere, as we couldn’t find any details about domain. Its owners didn’t use private proxy service to hide their details, but just left them empty, which is quite the same thing. Therefore, this method wasn’t sufficient to let us know who runs FocusMoney Top scam.

Domain Was Recently Registered

According to, the domain was registered on February 23, 2020. So, on the one hand, this online retail store is quite new. While on the other hand, it already has many bad review on the internet. Suspicious, right?!

Copied Website Content

A known method of online retail store scammers, is to copy the website content of other scam stores. In FocusMoney Top review, we figured out that FocusMoney Top owners implemented this method on their site. They copied the content from online store. Moreover, they even didn’t change the email address of scabfashion on their contact page.

Limited Contact Options

The only way to contact this store is by sending them an email. As we know, email is the easiest and cheapest way to stay anonymous on the internet. Why we are not surprised that they do not provide additional contact options?

More Scams Are Owned By This Company

Searching Google for the term ‘Scabfashion Technology Limited’, reveals us more online retail store scams that are owned and operated by this company. However, we couldn’t find any information about this company on the internet. So it might be a fake company name.

FocusMoney Top scam - dumbbell set with rack selling page


In this FocusMoney Top review, we talked about another online retail store scam. We stated several red flags that you should be aware of when dealing with any similar store. This will keep you safe from scammers and let you make an online shopping without any concerns.

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