BerryLook Review – A Legit Women’s Clothing Store?

We all seem to have too short days, where we spend most of them at work, and the rest of each day, which is not a lot of time (yes, let’s admit it – we spend too much time working), at home with our families. That is why a growing number of people worldwide, especially in recent years, buy most of their desired products online instead of in physical stores. This is exactly the basic concept behind the BerryLook online store. Are you a busy woman who doesn’t have enough time to go out and start searching for beautiful clothes at reasonable prices? Well, supposedly offers the ideal solution to that problem, and in this BerryLook review, we’ll take a look at this online women’s clothing store and try to determine whether it’s legit or possibly even a scam.

What is BerryLook?   

BerryLook is a China-based online fashion store that specializes in Women’s clothing at affordable prices, such as dresses, skirts, tops, shoes, bottoms, swimwear, jeans, and more. BerryLook gets its products from various brands in China and doesn’t operate any physical retail stores. It ships its merchandise worldwide and also offers free shipping for orders above $69, and %5 off on everything in the first order. The e-store was founded in 2017 and is owned by OrderPlus International Limited, which is also associated with other big e-commerce sites such as YuniOne, Popreal, and Calladream. So far sounds legit and even a bit tempting, right? Well, keep reading this BerryLook review because there’s a lot more to cover when it comes to this e-commerce store, and unfortunately, not all of it is positive.

BerryLook Review - A Legit Women’s Clothing Store?

Is BerryLook a Legit Online Store?  

At first glance, BerryLook seems like a nice shopping site, beautifully designed, packed with a huge variety of items and exclusive sales. So far, so good, but what do former and current clients say about it? Well, this is where the picture changes, and not in a good way. After reading tons of negative reviews and complaints about BerryLook online, we knew we have to dig in a little deeper to find the warning signs that might prevent other online shoppers from ordering from this untrustworthy store (if it’s indeed one). So, without further ado, here are a few ‘red flags’ we’ve discovered regarding

Late Delivery

One of the most common complaints regarding BerryLook is its late delivery times. As advertised on its website, the average delivery time is about 12-22 business days, which is already quite long. Still, while researching online, we found numerous disappointed customers claiming it took much longer than that. Here are just two examples out of quite many:

“I ordered a pair of boots and never received then. To make things worse, they charged my card twice with different names. I wrote them and they said they sent the boots yesterday and they were delivered but they were not. This started 3 months ago or more.” – Barbara Price Fredrickson, posted on

“I placed an order with additional $20 expedite delivery option. The items come 3 weeks later after I started to write emails about my shipment. All of the items were much smaller than measuring chart dimensions shown. My order was returned in full and on-time, but i never got a penny back from the company. I emailed few times asking for return money, but never heard back from them. Never trust again!” – Tanya P., posted on

Now, it’s true that the products are shipped from China, so naturally, it takes some time, but isn’t 22 days more than enough to get them on time? Also, you would expect that a highly-popular e-commerce website would improve over-time and provide its customers with better and more accurate delivery times, especially after being in business for more than three years. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with BerryLook.

BerryLook scam - big clearance

Poor Quality Products

Truth to be said, BerryLook isn’t a luxury clothing store, but yet, after waiting for such a long time for the new items to be delivered, you would expect at least a decent quality, even if not the best. And yet again, by looking at the numerous customer complaints, that’s also not the case with BerryLook, which is being accused of providing poor-quality clothes made by cheap materials. In some cases, the customers received items that look totally different from what was pictured on the website, or in the wrong sizing (or both). Overall, the quality of the products is low, while the amount of complaints posted by raging customers is way too high (see examples below).

“After waiting weeks for my swimsuit to arrive it finally arrived today.

I can only say in all my years I have never purchased such poor quality and workmanship.

I showed my husband the picture on their website of the swimsuit and he laughed I received nothing like it.” – Susan Embleton, posted on

“No return information provided; turn-around time from ordering to receipt… and the condition of packaging; no wonder shoes looked janky” – Karen M, posted on

Controversial Returns and Refunds Policy

Here’s another common complaint that some would say, perhaps rightfully, is the worst of them all – the huge difficulties with returning an item to BerryLook and being refunded.

It all starts with getting a ‘Return Approval.’ According to BerryLook’s policy, you can’t return any item without contacting them first and obtaining approval, a process that will also carry return instructions and a specific return address. According to our research, in some cases, they don’t even bother to respond when contacted, and in others, they repeatedly ask for photos of the item time and time again, even after the customer has provided those. Overall it sounds like a BerryLook is trying to wear out the customer until he/she just gives up.

We’ve also read that in some cases, even when they find the customer’s claim valid and justified, they tell the customer that “the cost of return shipping is too high,” so he/she will keep the undesired item in exchange for a discount coupon. Moreover, sometimes after getting a ‘Return Approval’ and sending the item back the BerryLook, the company doesn’t accept it for some reason, and the package returns undelivered. This means that the customer loses twice – the high shipping costs, and not being fully refunded as so-called agreed (see testimonials below).

“The quality is awful, all items were realy plasticky and cheap. When I wanted to return they said I had to send it to China even though the address on the parcel was from UK. Eventrually they gave me a less than half price refund without sending anything back, so I lost money. Do not buy from them” – Ms. Viera Whitlock, posted on

I have emailed them three times and also sent a message to their facebook page. I need to return some items, they are very poor quality and the sizes are not correct. DO NOT even think about buying anything, I wish I had read these reviews before I bought sometime. They refuse to get back to me and won’t give me a refund. They have sold me sub standard goods and are refusing to give my money back” – Dian W., posted on

It doesn’t end with that. We’ve read complaints claiming that even after BerryLook accepted the return package and receipt, the refund process took way too much time and, in some cases, wasn’t even processed at all. On their website, the company claims the refund process takes 7-15 business days to be processed after the returned item was received. In reality, it takes much more time than that, if indeed refunded at all. No wonder, so many disappointed customers and bloggers simply refer to BerryLook as a “scam” store.

BerryLook online store - discount promotion

Poor Customer Support

The final common complaint is about BerryLook’s poor customer support. According to our research, in many cases, the online store’s customer support service doesn’t respond to support tickets, and in other cases, the support’s reps tend to wear out the customer via repeated demands and requests, doing everything in their power to convince the customer not to return the item (or ask for a refund) instead of actually helping him/ her.

“The dress is completely different from the one I’ve ordered, the quality is very poor, the fabric is chip, even the color is not that black 🙁 I’ve contacted their support but never received any reply from them. I strongly do NOT recommend these guys.” – Nastassia S., posted on

Our BerryLook Review Conclusion

If you’ve been patient enough to read our detailed BerryLook review all the way to this point, then you’ve probably already made up your mind regarding this women’s clothing e-store. All signs clearly indicate the is an unreliable online store, with poor-quality products, controversial ‘Returns and Refunds’ policy, slow delivery times, and disappointing customer support.

Although we can’t say for sure it’s a scam (it’s up to you to decide), we strongly advise you to think again before purchasing even a simple $10 item from this store.

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