Bitcoin Rush Scam – Read Our Review Before Investing!

Nowadays, there are many cryptocurrency trading bot available in the market. One of the most popular is Bitcoin Rush. However, despite it’s promoted as an award-winning software, it was proven to be a scam. Read on to find out what’s this trading software is all about and why we believe that Bitcoin Rush is a scam.

Is Bitcoin Rush Legit?

What is Bitcoin Rush?

Bitcoin Rush is an automatic trading software where traders can adjust their requirements by configuring its settings. This platform runs a robot in order to perform the automated buying and selling transactions.

The company claims that its robot have a very high successful trading rate and accuracy level. Moreover, it claims that its traders can earn an average of $1,500 each day when they trade with this platform. All you have to do is to make an initial deposit of $250. Suspicious, isn’t it?

In a nutshell, the Bitcoin Rush software consists of computer algorithms, which receive signals from various bitcoin markets. By that, the software makes all the trading decisions.

Why is Bitcoin Rush a Scam?

Despite many positive reviews over the internet (which some of them are obviously fake), it is quite simple to conclude that the Bitcoin Rush software is actually another make money online scam program. Below are the main red signs that exposes that the Bitcoin Rush is a scam:

Bad Reviews

We searched for some information about Bitcoin Rush on a few search engines. We were completely surprised to find many positive reviews about this automated trading robot. However, performing a more in-depth search, will reveal numerous complaints from raging customers who feel that they fell in this bot’s trap and have been scammed by it. More than half of Bitcoin Rush’s customers have complained that they were unable to withdraw the funds they deposited and earned on this platform. Therefore, they called this bot a complete scam.

Unregulated Brokers

There are few things you should look for, when examine whether to invest with a trading broker or not, especially when it comes to offshore brokers. Trading with offshore brokers can put your money in a very high risk. Anyway, no matter who’s the potential broker, you should first check if it is regulated or not. An unregulated one can be extremely dangerous to trade with as most of the unregulated brokers are scammers. Therefore, we recommend you to get a list of brokers that the bot works with.

Regarding Bitcoin Rush, the fact that we found out that most of its brokers are unregulated, made the Bitcoin Rush scam clearer.

No Trading Software

We have created a new account on Bitcoin Rush. After that, we surprisingly found out that it doesn’t have any kind of a real trading software. Instead, as we above mentioned – it sends its customers to other brokers, which many of them are unregulated.        

Hence, this automated trading robot does nothing, but sending its customers to other brokers! Note that, a real trading bot will be using its own trading platform and will scan the markets seeking for the best deals by itself.

Same Promotional Video on Other Websites

There is a promotional video posted on the Bitcoin Rush’s website. It features CNN’s Jake Tapper promoting this software. This video is actually used at least on 6 other websites, that look exactly the same. However, when you search for other crypto softwares that have proven to be scams, you will find out that they use the same promotional video on their websites. For example, Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Evolution and Crypto Revolt.

Bitcoin Rush Scam Software

Fake Awards

Bitcoin Rush claims to be an award-winning automated cryptocurrency trading robot. However, we found out that these awards are completely identical to those found on Bitcoin Evolution, Crypto Revolt and many more other scams.

Fake News Using Celebrities’ Names

There are few news reports mentioned on Bitcoin Rush’s website. They are all just fake. We revealed that these reports have been taken from some fake news websites. These are called mirror websites, which look exactly the same like the real websites, but in reality, these are all just copies contain false information.


You should be aware that there are dozens of cryptocurrency scams that have flooded the crypto-trading markets across the online world. This Bitcoin Rush review exposes just one of them. Therefore, if you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money for nothing, you should double check before you invest it in any make money with bitcoin scheme. To do so, we recommend you to perform some digging and read other reviews regarding the trading software you are about to use.

Got Scammed? How To Get Your Money Back?

We know the frustration you feel after being scammed. At a certain point, you feel lost, and you have no idea what to do next. Of course, it’s a traumatic experience. What you’re feeling is valid and understandable. However, you don’t have to dwell in that dark place for a long time.

All hope is not lost as there are various ways to get your stolen money back. Yes, you read that right. So, if you have been scammed, you can apply these tips to increase your chances to retrieve your money from those shameless scammers.

If you paid using a credit card, you can use chargeback to request a refund from your bank card provider. In addition, you can also use chargeback if you paid using a debit card. A word of caution, though, there are requirements before this applies, so know them first.

You can also file a complaint about the PSP (Payment service provider) and demand for reimbursement. If you’ve been scammed and the banks involved are not doing what they are supposed to do, you should be refunded after the fraud happens.

But if nothing still works at your advantage, and you need further assistance, you can contact us through our email, [email protected]. We will help you in any way we can. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

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