About Scaminator – An Online Scams Investigator

What is Scaminator?

Scaminator is a portal that exposes hidden information and facts about internet frauds that involve victims’ money. This includes making money online scam systems, forex trading scams, immigration consultant scams, cryptocurrency frauds, and many others.

This website was created in order to help victims to gather essential information regarding scams who stole their money and increase their chances to get the money back. In addition, it assists people to find legit ways to make money online.

What makes us special and unique?

Scaminator isn’t a typical ‘online scams reviews blog’. Here at Scaminator.com we conduct a thorough investigation of every scam we review. That is, we aim to find out as much as possible information about each scam. Whilst, our main and most important goal is to reveal who the scam owners are.

“We are proud that our assistance has resulted in the arrest of 3 scammers.”

Most of our reviews contain a ‘Cut the crap’ section which summarizes the most useful information about each scam. For instance, people who own and operate the scam, companies that these people work for, related scams and more.

Scaminator - An Online Scams Investigator

It’s important to note that we have evidence for every piece of information we provide here. Therefore, all written information on this website is 100% relevant, correct and accurate.

Stay in touch

Anyway, if you have any additional information regarding a scam that we already reviewed, we would appreciate if you could share it with us. Keep in mind that the more information we provide, the more chances for successful money refunds. The simplest way to do this is by leaving a comment on the relevant review. However, if for some reason you prefer to contact us privately then you can always send an email.

In case you want us to investigate any kind of online scam and write a detailed review about it, the easiest & most preferable way to make such a request is through the ‘Contact’ tab. We promise to make our best in order to fulfill every request!

We wish you a safe and profitable internet use,
Dan & Luka